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Mobil-home 4 People

4 people
2 beds
  • Aout 2010  88
  • Chambre À Coucher
  • Mobil Home 4 Cuisine
  • Mobil Home 4 Personnes Séjour
  • Mobil Home 4 Personnes

Suitable for families who prefer to combine the word vacation with that of mobile home or cottage. The interior varies from one mobile home to another, but they are all equipped with sanitary facilities. The cottages are accommodation for 4 people equipped with a TV and a microwave. Their terrace is covered, it overlooks the lake for breakfasts between lake and nature !!! Magnificent.


  • a living area
  • a bedroom with 1 double bed
  • one bedroom with 2 children’s beds (depending on capacity)
  • a bathroom with wc for some and separate wc for others.
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Rental Details
Mobil-home 4 people

Détail Rental details: 4-person mobile home

A classic camping holiday, this accommodation is made for families of 4 people who wish to fully enjoy their stay. The covered terrace significantly enlarges the living area and ensures evening memories throughout your stay in Cantal.

Each accommodation is different, you will find on this page a typical inventory, if you wish to receive photos and inventory of your rental, do not hesitate to contact the holiday village la Gineste by email or phone.



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